Corporate Massage

Klein Massage verzorgt niet alleen massages in onze praktijk, maar ook aan huis, hotel of kantoor.

“A (chair) massage has a demonstrably positive effect on the handling of work pressure, work stress and work-related complaints. Chair massage stimulates cognitive functions and lowers stress hormones, improving the working atmosphere and business results within any organization. ”

People who sit at a desk a lot or with a certain regularity often suffer from muscle-related complaints in the upper back, neck and shoulders. Because those muscles are put under a certain constant tension, knots are formed that can cause a lot of discomfort. Radiation can also occur to the arm or hand.

By massaging these knots, the blood circulation and blood supply will be stimulated and more oxygen will be conducted to the muscles. Muscle knots can also be reduced by certain exercises.

Company massages at a small specialist in massage

We help companies reduce employee complaints by giving massages on a chair or table. All Klein massage employees are professional, qualified and have a lot of experience.

Business massage is tax deductible: A (chair) massage is fiscally attractive as a company. Since 2011, this has been possible via the work-related costs scheme

What can you expect?

We provide everything needed for the massages, such as the massage chair or table, towels, oil, step for the table, products for hygiene, face covers and relaxing music. If you have any requests, this can be discussed.


Chair massage:

  • 15 minuten: 22,50 Euro
  • 20 minuten: 27,50 Euro
  • 30 minuten: 40,- Euro

Massage on the table:

  • 30 minuten: 40,- Euro
  • 45 minutes: 52.50 Euro
  • 60 minutes: 65 Euro
  • 90 minutes: 92.50 Euro

(prijzen zijn EXCLUSIEF BTW).

Buiten Leiden geldt een vergoeding van 2,50 Euro per km.

Prices apply for a minimum purchase of 6 massages.

Chair massage

What is chair massage?

A chair massage is a short, relaxing and activating pressure point massage for the prevention and treatment of complaints. This massage is given on a massage chair that is comfortable so that the entire body can relax. The chair massage can be given in a public space or in a separate room.

What does chair massage do?

After a chair massage you feel relaxed and rested and you have more energy. The chance of RSI or pain complaints as a result of your long and one-sided working posture decreases. A chair massage improves work motivation and helps reduce stress.

Length of time

A chair massage is possible for 15, 20 or 30 minutes.

Massage on the table

What is a massage on the table?

The corporate massage on the table is performed if the massage is 30 minutes or longer. The massaged area will be exposed. The massage will be given with oil to increase the result. The employee can relax extra well by lying on the table. The massage on the table is preferably provided in a closed room because of the privacy of the employee.

What does a massage on the table do?

The employee feels relaxed and has more energy. The chance of RSI or pain complaints as a result of a long and one-sided working posture is reduced. A massage improves work motivation and helps reduce stress. A longer massage increases this effect.

Length of time

A massage on the table is possible for 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes.


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