FAQ - Frequently asked questions about our massages

What are the proven benefits of a massage?

Massages have both physical and mental benefits.
It has been proven that massages have several positive effects on the human body. First of all, they help stress-induced pain. Taking regular massages can help stop stress-headaches. Secondly, massages reduce muscle stiffness and muscle tension. They also help prevent muscle spasms. This helps keep your joints flexible. It will also enable you to breath deeper and easier and can lower your blood pressure. This can help increase your overall stamina. Last of all a massage can fortify your immune system, creating a healthier skin.

Mentally massages have been proven to increase your mental rest, increase your alertness and reduce stress. It will give you a satisfied feeling and will strengthen the bond between mind and body.

How does an intake work at Klein Massage?

The first time you visit us for a massage we will do an intake with you. This intake is free of charge and will not be deducted from your massage time. During the intake we will ask you several personal details and we will discuss several other things like your wishes, options, and your physical health. This was we can make sure your massage is customized to your needs.

How can I pay?

The easiest way to do so, is to buy a Rittenkaart, read our 'Rittenkaart-info'. Aside from that option you can pay in cash or we can send you an invoice through e-mail. This invoice can be payed through your bankaccount or iDEAL. We do not have an option to pay by PIN.

Is there a shower present?

We do not have a shower at our massage practice in Leiden. We recommend that you wear clothes that are comfortable and that can get a little oil. Although we will thoroughly wipe you with a towel after the massage, it is inevitable that some oil will remain on the skin.

Do I need to bring anything myself?

No, that won't be neccesary. Klein Massage has everything you need during a massage. For example towels, oil, etc

Can I get a massage whilst I'm pregnant?

Yes we can just massage you. We do, however, skip certain pressure points. We ensure that you can lie comfortably on your stomach by using a special Body Cushion. Several of our masseurs can give you these pregnancy massage. to offer.

After your pregnancy you can come to us for a Postnatal Massage

How much is a massage?

  • 30 minutes -- € 40,-
  • 45 minutes - € 52,50
  • 60 minutes - € 65,-
  • 90 minutes - € 92,50
  • 60 minutes duo massage - € 175,-
  • 90 minutes duo massage - € 225,-

It's cheapter to buy a Rittenkaart.  Of course, you are always welcome to have an individual treatment.

Can I book a duo massage?

You can. A duo massage is a massage for two people in the same room. For example, you and your partner, a family member or a friend. You will never be matched to a stranger. The tables will be set next to eachother and our therapists will try to massage in sync as much as possible.

You can book a duo massage through our website or you can contact us on info@kleinmassage.nl to book a duo massage.

What do I keep on, or take off?

It's normal to undress to your underwear. Please take of jewellery if you can. This ensures our therapists do not snag on anything or could possibly hurt you. For most of our massages we use oil on your skin, therefore it is smart to take of as much of your clothing as possible. A towel will constantly cover you; our therapists will only move it to massage a certain spot. If it anytime during your massage you feel uncomfortable, you can let your therapist know and they will take this into account.

During a short back-/neck-/shoulder massage you only need to remove your top or shirt. We will place a towel in your bottom clothing to ensure it does not get touched by oil.

How do I make sure I get the best result from a massage?

Make sure you plan some time for this massage, so that you have plenty of time before and after your appointment. Our therapist will make sure you have time to "land" and will ensure you will be comfortable as is possible.

Feel free to tell them what you enjoy. Ask for an extra towel so you do not cool down so quickly, or ask for more or less pressure during the massage. When you are at ease your treatment will have a far better effect.

Are massages covered by my medical insurance?

Unfortunately massages are not covered by (Dutch) medical insurance.
However, there might be some exceptions in the future. Therefore, make sure you check your insurance policy when getting a new one.

Do I need a medical indication to get a massage?

No, you do not need a medical indication to enjoy our massages.

Do you massage at home?

Klein massage also provides massages at home. You can book your massage at home via our massage at home page.

What will happen to my body because of a massage?

Massage will release several different substances in the body. The neuro-hormonal explanation states that some of these substances have an influence on pain and well-being, for example stress, tension, and mood swings. Massage stimulates the creation of these substances. Mainly Endorphins, serotonin, and histamine. Serotonin is also known as the happiness hormone, and is involved with mood, sleep, emotion, and appetite. It also helps in dealing with pain stimuli. Histamine regulates blood flow in the body, is anti-inflammatory and a pain reliever.

Why do I need to drink water after a massage?

After a massage you will always be offered a glass of water. After having been on the massage table for a while, most people will be thirsty and long for a glass of water. But there is more to it, than just stopping your thirst.

A massage improves the removal of toxins. Drinking water aides in removing the toxins through your kidneys and bladder. Drinking a glass of water (before and) after a massage will normally be enough.

Massage also stimulates blood flow. This makes water leave your body faster. If you do not drink water after a massage you might get a headache as a sign of dehydration. If you don’t want a glass of water directly after your massage, please make sure you drink plenty of water at home.

You will benefit more from the positive effects of a massage if you drink water.

How often would I need a massage to get rid of my complaints?

There is no standard answer to this. The effects of a massage are cumulative. The more often you are massaged the better and faster your body will react to a massage. A single massage can rarely solve a pre-existing condition. It took days, weeks and sometimes years for problems to arise. These problems can't be resolved in one treatment.

Once a month is usually a good massage frequency, within a healthy lifestyle. During stressful times a massage once a week or bi-weekly can give you the support to be able to relax better.

Can I pick my own massage therapist?

Yes you can! It's important to feel at ease with the person that will give you a massage.

I have allergies, can I get a massage?

That depends on the allergy you have. Please make sure to notify us if you have a nut allergy, some of our massage oils might not be compatible. If you are unsure if you are able to get a massage please ask your physician for advice.

When is it impossible for me to have a massage?

At times there can be so called contra-indications, which point out that you will not be able to get a massage. These contra-indications can pertain to your whole body, but sometimes they only have influence on some parts of your body. For example, only your legs. We will not give you a massage under the following conditions:

Complete contra indications
If you have a temperature (fever) we can not give you a massage. Massage will increase your blood flow that can potentially worsen your fever or its cause.
Inflammation of the area being treated

Malignant tumours in the area being treated. Because of potentially stimulating growth or spread.

Thrombosis in the area being treated, because this could potentially cause an embolism.

Feeling unwell without a known cause.

Limiting contra-indications (certain areas become untreatable).
- Local infections
- Fresh scars or tattoos
- Fractures
- Varicose veins
- Skin in shed

If you are in doubt it is always wise to consult your physician and ask if a massage is a possibility.

Touching a certain spot really hurts, what can I do?

Through foot reflexology we can address certain parts of your body and supportively treat them. We do not need to touch the actual spot itself.

How long will a massage benefit me?

This is different from person to person. Someone can really feel the benefits for days, others have more subtle indications, an increase in energy, a better time sleeping.

Does Klein Massage have four hand massages?

Of course! Klein massage Leiden also offers four-hand massages. More information can be found on the booking page for four hands massage

Are erotic massages an option?

No, we do not give erotic massages. These can be found at other venues. Klein Massage does not give erotic massages

Is there anything I need to take into account after having a massage?

After a massage you need to take some things into account.

During a massage you will retreat into yourself, often people are less alert after being treated. Take good care of yourself after a treatment, especially in traffic. We would advise you not to plan anything to intense right after your treatment.

It's also wise to drink a lot of water and other (healthy) liquids after a massage, this to help get rid of the toxins that are in your body after the massage. The effects of a massage can last for a long time, so please pace yourself during this time.

After a massage your muscles can be tender for a couple of days. If the discomfort lasts longer, please contact us so we can adjust the intensity of your treatment the next time.

Some last details to take into account is that the benefits of your massage can continue on for some time. A massage brings you close to yourself and what is going on in your life. This can be information of great worth, making you get to know yourself a bit better.

How big is the risk of my clothes getting dirty during a massage?

This is dependent on the type of massage you pick, With Ayurvedic massages or Lomi Lomi massages we use a bit more oil than usual. Of course, we try to clean up afterward as best we can however, a small film of oil can remain on your skin. We ask you to keep this in mind when choosing which items of clothing to wear.

Is there a physician or physiotherapist present to check on my issues?

Our massages are not medical treatments, and our therapists are not medical professionals. Although they are licensed and well-trained in anatomy and physiology. If you have something that might be a medical issue, please first consult your GP.

Do you refer to physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths or other professionals?

If during your massage we conclude that your issue might need a more specific specialized treatment we will advise you to look into it. This is however never a medical referral and just an advice.

Do I get a discount when I go to Klein Massage more often?

You do!

Check out our Ride cards for more information.

What is a knot in your muscles?

A muscle knot is nothing but an energy crisis in your muscles. At that spot the muscle is contracted and therefore short and thicker. Because it's shorter at that point, it's more stretched at another point. This feels like a cable or a piece of string. This causes all kinds of discomfort.

What are triggerpoints?

Trigger points or muscle knots are temporary hardening of areas of muscle that are unable to relax. A trigger point can cause limitations in movement, stiffness, loss of strength and pain. A muscle affected by a triggerpoint can be very tender when trying to stretch it.

A muscle is made up out of separate muscle fibres. In a normal resting phase a muscle fibre is not stretched nor is it compressed. When there is a trigger point in your muscle, the resting muscle fibres are more contracted than those in the surrounding area. This causes a higher muscle tension in that area, limiting blood flow, causing toxins to gather at that point.

Which massage duration would be most suitable for me?

We can treat a part of your body in 30 minutes to 45 minutes. For example the upper back, the neck and the shoulders or the lower back and the back of the legs. The lower legs and the feet or the entire back are also an option.

This is ideal if you just have local complaints. A foot reflex treatment, facelife massage or face massage have a treatment duration of 30 minutes.

With a massage of 60 to 90 minutes we can go deeper into a slightly larger area. For example, the entire back/neck/shoulder area, but also the entire back and back of the legs.

A trigger point or sports massage, but also a foot reflex treatment, lipo massage or Indian Head massage are possible in 45 minutes.

How long should I have a massage?

In thirty minutes we can treat a part of your body. For example your upper back, neck or shoulders, or the lower back and upper legs. The lower part of your legs or feet or the entire back are options as well.

This is ideal if you just have local complaints. A foot reflex treatment, facelife massage or face massage have a treatment duration of 30 minutes.

In 45 minutes we can go deeper into a larger area. For example the complete back/neck/shoulder area. But also the entire back and the back of your legs. In 45 minutes we can focus on a curative or a relaxing massage. A trigger point or sport massage are options, as well as, a foot reflex treatment, lipomasage or Indian Head massage are option during a 45 minute massage.

For the best results we would advise you to get a 60-minute massage by one of our therapists. They can look into the problem area as well as the surrounding areas, making sure they also treat the outlying muscles.

Can I move cancel or move my appointment?

Immediately after your online booking you will receive a written confirmation by e-mail. You will receive a reminder from us about one day before the appointment. Always call us when you are unable to attend.

If you cancel 24 hours or longer before your appointment, you will not be charged for your treatment.

If you wish to cancel or move your appointment within 24 hours of the appointment we can charge you for your treatment. We will however look at the circumstances of your cancellation.

If you want to move your appointment, please contact us directly.

You can cancel your appointment through our confirmation e-mail cancel your appointment up to 48 hours in advance.

How do I pick the best massage for my issue?

On our page Massages you can find extensive information about our various massages. Try to think of a goal for your massage. Do you want to get rid of some trigger points, or would you like some deep relaxation? We have many options available to you.

Our massage therapists are trained to be able to cater to your wishes.

If you are unsure of what you might need, feel free to contact us. You could also book a relaxation massage. This massage will treat trigger points and has room for deeper relaxation. After your first massage you have a better idea if a more intensive form of massage (trigger point or sport), or a less intensive massage is to your liking.