Bamboo massage

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This massage provides a relaxed feeling, but is also stimulating at the same time. The blood circulation is started, which helps to dispose of waste products and bring your body in a better condition.

Ancient Chinese principles and beliefs

The Bamboo Massage is a massage based on ancient Chinese principles and beliefs. The massage is based on the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. According to Chinese philosophy of life, all natural phenomena can be classified into these five elements. The five elements describe our relationship with external and internal phenomena, they describe an established cycle or natural process of life.

The five elements:

  1. Wood is related to the east, the colors blue and green and the planet Jupiter.
  2. Fire is related to the south, the color red and the planet Mars.
  3. Earth is related to the center, the color brown and the planet Saturn.
  4. Metal is related to the west, the color white and the planet Venus.
  5. Water is related to the north, the color black and the planet Mercury.

The benefits of the Bamboo massage

The Bamboo massage is relaxing, but above all stimulating. This massage is ideal if you need energy and strength. After this, the body is in better condition. The massage will help remove toxins and improve poor circulation, as well as relieve cramps and trigger points.

How does it work?

Chinese bamboo sticks and oil serve as an aid to this massage. These bamboo rods stimulate the nerve endings in your skin and the superficial muscles. Because the bars are used as an extension of the hands, forearms and elbows, this massage can be worked deeper and this massage will have more effect. A natural 'high' is the result. The techniques of this massage form can be found in massages such as Shiatsu, Ayurvedic massage and lymphatic drainage.

Bamboo contains silica (the same element that makes quartz crystal) and thus has the same properties. Bamboo aids in the transfer of energy and stimulates the body's self-healing process. Bamboo is hard, straight, strong, flexible, light and divides easily. During the massage, the bamboo rods are often heated and used in combination with different types of massage oil, so that they slide better over the body.

Light or a lot of pressure, rhythmic or calm: your choice!

The bamboo massage can be light or with a lot of pressure, rhythmic or calm. The clothes are not kept on during this massage, it is massaged directly on the skin and the massage is usually performed on a massage table.

For who?

The Bamboo massage is very suitable for people who are tired and have stress.