Connective Tissue massage

Connective tissue massage

Connective tissue massage is a massage that focuses on the connective tissue layer with the aim of improving the skin condition and reducing blockages. The blood circulation is stimulated, which stimulates the skin to strengthen and renew cells. Adhesions are loosened so that the blood circulation will improve.
You get less deep wrinkles and the skin gets a healthy glow.

More energy, mentally fitter and tighter in your skin

You can decide for yourself on which body parts you want to apply the connective tissue massage. The massage specialist will advise you and discuss what is best for you.

No oil

The massage is performed with the hands and no massage oil is used. The massage is performed on a massage table. The massage can be a bit sensitive in the beginning.

Suitable for:
Anyone who wants a tighter and more beautiful skin.
The skin becomes more beautiful and smoother
Promotes overall health and well-being
. Stimulates blood flow