Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy is a treatment that originated in traditional Eastern medicine and is thousands of years old. In Asia and the Middle East, cupping is used to treat meridians and acupuncture points. This improves blood flow in muscles and tissues and eliminates stagnation in energy flow. The Cupping penetrates deep into the connective tissue layer around muscles and joints. The area between the vertebrae can also be 'pulled loose', which is more difficult to achieve with a regular massage.

Vacuum cups

The therapy is given with cups. These are vacuumed onto your body. The effect is noticeable quickly, especially with muscle and joint pains. The muscles and skin are made supple and connective tissue weakening is removed. You will, so to speak, 'feel more spacious in your own skin'.

Feeling better mentally and physically

After a Cupping treatment you feel a lot better mentally and physically. The cupping is not painful, but it can give you an unpleasant feeling. In that case, the vacuum force of the cup can possibly be reduced. However, the therapeutic effect does depend on the suction force created by the cup. There will be a red to purple discoloration where the cup is placed, which will disappear after a few days. Because the treated muscle and the skin have good blood circulation, it becomes easier for the body to remove the waste products.

For who?

With the removal of energy blockages, cupping can be effectively applied to people with a (emerging) cold, muscle and joint complaints, headaches / migraines, back, neck and shoulder pain, pain in the lower abdomen, swelling, fluid in the knee and ankle, arm complaints , injuries, fibromyalgia complaints, trigger points, connective tissue complaints, muscle complaints and muscle knots.

Cupping therapy can be used during any massage treatment and prior to (medical) taping.

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