Detox massage

The Detox massage consists of an abdominal massage in combination with a back massage and cupping therapy.


Constipation, also called constipation or constipation, is a common problem. Constipation is when the stool is formed less than three times a week or only after hard pressing and this over a longer period.

Incorrect diet often leads to constipation. Provide plenty of drink and fiber. In addition, some drugs have a negative effect on the bowel function, resulting in constipation. Good exercise helps to prevent constipation.

Back massage and abdominal massage

The back massage provides extra energy for the organs and the cups provide a complete Detox massage.

The abdominal massage improves the functioning of the intestines and removes toxins better.

For who?

The Detox massage is very suitable for people who have (just) quit smoking, people who are engaged in losing weight and people who are engaged in a detox cure.

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