Energetic Massage

energetic massage

What is an energetic massage?

An energetic massage works on the one hand on energy points and meridians in the body and on the other hand with the transfer of universal energy. This removes blockages and activates the self-healing ability of the body, which brings the natural energy flows in the body back into balance.

The universal (life) energy is always present in our body and must always be in balance. If this is not the case, this can lead to mental (anxiety, worrying, stress) but also physical complaints, which are usually a direct result of the mental imbalance. A complaint or illness indicates that the balance in the body is disturbed and a massage is aimed at restoring balance on all levels.

Practically, the transfer of energy takes place on the basis of specific stroking movements or the laying on of hands. The energy is tailored to you personally and goes where it is needed for you at that moment. It goes to places where there is a blockage, removes this blockage, so that some complaints can be reduced or even disappear.

While performing the massage you can feel the effect of the energy through eg heat, cold, shivering, bubbling intestines, tiredness, sluggishness. However, this is completely normal and transient. You may also feel nothing. This has no effect on the treatment itself.

Who is this massage intended for?

An energetic massage is suitable for everyone.

The essence of an energetic massage is to bring the body into balance. Therefore, this massage can be very effective for sensitive, intuitive, highly sensitive children and adults who are looking for a moment of peace and more balance in their lives.

An energetic massage can also provide valuable support for people with burnout.

When does an energetic massage apply?

Would you like a moment of rest, relaxation or me-time? Or do you suffer from mental or physical complaints? Then this massage can support you and help reduce certain complaints.

An energetic massage differs from a holistic massage by working meridians, blockages and natural energy flows that come into balance in the body.

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