Herbal Stamp Massage

The herbal stamp massage is an oriental massage. Herbal stamps are used during this massage. These are warm bundles filled with herbs that have a cleansing, activating or relaxing effect.

The stamps used during the Herbal Stamp Massage are filled with European herbs. These are better suited to Western skin. In addition to the herbal stamps, oil is also used.

During this treatment the herbal stamps are steamed. This spreads a pleasant scent that increases the wellness effect.

The aromas of the herbs also have a healing and relaxing effect. Our lungs and nasal mucous membranes are very sensitive to the scents and ethereal influences of the herbs. Besides a detoxifying massage, herbal stamp massage is also very relaxing. The warmth of the stamps and the scents that the herbs spread provide this double effect.

The benefits of the herbal stamp massage

The warmth of herbal stamp massage activates blood circulation and metabolism and ensures flexible muscles. The healing effects of the herbs penetrate deep into the underlying tissue, even into the organs. The blood vessels expand and the skin is more intensely circulated. This means harmful substances are removed more quickly. The massage stimulates the body to work better and at the same time calms it down. The body still tingles hours after the massage. Of all massages, herbal stamp massage is the most pervasive.

For who?

This is an ideal massage for those who are tense, tired or lethargic. This herbal stamp massage is particularly suitable for people with muscle complaints, rheumatism, spit and gout. During this treatment you lie comfortably on the massage table.

From a hygienic point of view, the use of the herbal stamps is personal. Therefore you pay € 10 extra for the stamps during the first treatment. You can keep these stamps yourself and can be used more often.

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