Holistic massage

A very personal, in-depth massage to let the energy flow properly. The Holistic massage is based on the unity between body and mind. Certain emotional blockages or bottlenecks have repercussions on the body and this manifests itself in tension or pain.

Pain that doesn't go away, pain that keeps coming back. What does the complaint tell you? Your body and you are an inseparable unit. Your body shows you what you cannot see and tells you what you cannot hear. A Holistic massage helps you to gain insight into your personal process.

By means of different massage techniques and by entering into conversation at different levels, we work together to reduce or even resolve the complaints.

Deep physical treatment of the pain points can have a positive response to the emotions and initiate a healing process.

In an exploratory conversation we go through your main bottlenecks and you can indicate what is important to you and what extra attention can and may be given.

The Holistic massage is a slow, soothing, full body massage with extra care for your personal points of interest.

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