Hot stone massage

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A Hotstone massage has a deep and healing effect. The massage can be given with hot, warm or cold stones. Just what you need as a customer. The stones not only provide a deeper relaxation, but also a better blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Deep tissue massage as an effective treatment

The combination of heat and movement, this is called thermodynamics, allows the masseur to get deeper into the muscle tissue. This makes the massage more effective. A Hot stone massage ensures that the body repairs itself. It aids in the elimination of waste products, contributes to the detoxification of the body, stimulates the organs and can bring the body more into balance.

Circular strokes

The Hotstone massage is not only given with the stones. The stones serve as an extension of or in addition to the masseur's hands. The massage has circular strokes. A set of approximately 40 to 50 stones of various sizes between 2 and 12 centimeters is used. Of course, smaller stones are needed for the face or between the toes than for larger surfaces such as the back

For who?

A Hotstone massage is good for muscle pain, muscle sprains and muscle tension. It helps with reduced blood circulation, back pain, arthritis, rheumatism *, fibromyalgia and menstrual pain.

* Note: this does not apply to all forms of rheumatism, contact a doctor or therapist for advice.

A response from one of our customers to the Hotstone massage:
“The weight and warmth of the stones make me feel wonderfully heavy and safe. The heat from the stones almost immediately relaxes the muscles. When the stones are removed, it is like taking off from the table! Very relaxing and beneficial! ”