Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy can lead to stress, which is not beneficial to the health of the baby. The pregnancy massage is a wonderful relaxation massage to relieve that stress.

Attention to the pregnant body

During pregnancy, your body needs more attention. The physical changes that occur can be very demanding from you. Use the specially developed pregnancy massage to stay in balance. The massage can be applied until the last weeks (week 38/39). Complaints related to pregnancy can also be treated excellently in the lateral position.

The effects of pregnancy massage

The pregnancy massage has a relaxing effect, relaxes your muscles and stimulates the blood circulation of you and your child. It causes your breathing to deepen and your head to relax completely. The massage relieves pelvic, back, neck and shoulder problems. It also helps prevent your body from retaining water and prevent you from sleeping badly.

The benefits of a pregnancy massage

The treatment also ensures that you think about all the changes in your body, making you more aware of the baby in your tummy. Research has shown that it ensures better sleep, less back pain, less stress and fewer complications during childbirth. It has even been found that the percentage of preterm births is smaller due to the treatment.

How is a pregnancy massage?

Thanks to the support of a specially shaped pillow you lie in a very comfortable position on your stomach and you can fully enjoy your massage. Specific complaints such as pelvic complaints, back complaints, tired legs and neck complaints can be treated excellently in this relaxed position.

The pregnancy massage is only given by female masseurs.