Reiki massage

Reiki massage is an ancient form of massage in which the self-healing capacity of the body is strengthened by laying on of hands. Reiki originates from Japan and is an alternative medicine.

How does the Reiki massage work?

Every person has universal life energy. The term Reiki stands for this. When there are blockages in our body, the energy cannot flow freely. This creates an imbalance with various complaints as a result. With a Reiki massage, certain points (the chakras) of the body are stimulated so that the blockages disappear and the self-healing capacity of the body is restored.

A Reiki massage is a combination of a Reiki treatment and a relaxation massage. The treatment can be booked for the duration of 30, 45, 60 and 90 minutes.

Effective for various ailments

This massage can be applied for a variety of physical (chronic) ailments such as headaches, stomach and intestinal complaints. A Reiki massage is also useful to improve mental and emotional health. Consider, for example, reducing stress and letting go of negative thinking patterns. With a Reiki massage, both the cause and the complaints are treated.

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