Relaxation massage

In life a lot is expected of you and you are under pressure regularly. This often involves mental stress. This stress can affect your body. This can entail physical complaints. Relieve this pressure by getting a massage regularly. You will notice that this not only makes you more relaxed, but that you also get more physical energy and that you have a better life.

How is a relaxation massage?

A relaxation massage is performed on the massage table. We work with a small amount of oil to loosen the muscles better. This massage provides peace and relaxation. A relaxation massage can be adapted and tailored to your specific needs. It is a massage that uses all types of techniques, including gentle kneading and rolling of the skin and muscles.

Gentle massage

With a relaxation massage, only the outer layers of the body tissue are massaged. This is not a deep tissue massage and it does not reach the deeper muscles in the body. A relaxation massage is not suitable as a treatment for chronic pain or discomfort.

Passive treatment

A relaxation massage massages a wide variety of areas on the body such as the back, legs, arms and neck. It is a passive treatment where you will not be stretched or maneuvered in yoga postures, as is the case with a Thai Yoga massage or Shiatsu massage.

For who?

Anyone who needs relaxation. A relaxation massage reduces complaints and ensures the local elimination of muscle knots

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