Massage at home

No time or inclination to visit us? Then we can visit you just as easily.

During and after the massage you can relax in your own familiar environment, you do not have to arrange a babysitter and you can listen to your own music.

All inclusive massage at home.

Klein Massage provides an all-inclusive massage at home. We take care of everything for you so that you can relax and enjoy.

We use a professional massage table for optimal comfort. The towels we use are wonderfully soft and professionally cleaned. The massage oil is of top quality and also suitable for sensitive skin, does not absorb quickly and nourishes the body.

We come by from 60 minutes. You will receive an extra discount for a longer massage. It is also possible to share a massage. For example, you can book a massage for 60 minutes, which you can both enjoy for 30 minutes.

For massages outside the Leiden region, an additional cost of 2.50 Euro per kilometer is charged.

Before the massage, a (free) history is taken so that the masseur gets an impression of any physical complaints, tension and/or wishes. In consultation you can indicate what you like and which parts of the body you would like to have massaged.

You can opt for a relaxing massage or something firmer, such as sport or trigger point.

Before the massage starts, the masseur always does a body check. Here the body is scanned and the pressure will be increased and where necessary extra attention will be given where there is more tension.

Of course you can also indicate whether more or less pressure may be given.


Massage at home


You can pay for the massage in cash (appropriate) afterwards, or possibly in advance with your reservation online.

Would you like a massage for today? Please contact us by phone.