Post Natal Massage

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A post-natal massage is a postpartum massage.

As the pregnancy progresses, the woman's bodily consciousness naturally shifts towards the baby and all the bodily processes that accompany it. During pregnancy, the body stretches, often absorbs a lot of fluid and muscles and joints are extra stressed. That is why it is very important that women take very good care of their bodies not only before and during pregnancy, but also afterwards. The body then needs more attention and must be made its own again. Postnatal massage can play an extremely important role in this.

During this massage, with a soft but steady hand, the tension is expelled from the body by long effleurages (stroking movements) and tissue rotations. Because the body is still very delicate after childbirth, the abdomen is rubbed with warm oil with gentle rocking movements to promote the stretched skin. In the pre-arranged intake interview it is determined which parts of the body have been most stressed during the pregnancy.

 For who?

The postnatal massage is suitable for women who have undergone natural or surgical births. The massage is also especially suitable for women who have not had a successful delivery. Getting back to your own body and experiencing your relaxed new postnatal body is the ultimate goal of this form of massage therapy. It is advisable to express breast milk at home in advance before the massage, if applicable.

The minimum duration of the postnatal massage is 60 minutes. If after delivery you still experience a lot of sensitivity from, for example, a caesarean section, it is advisable to take a longer session of 90 minutes.