I am Charly, massage therapist and physiotherapist. In the summer of 2016 I obtained my certificates in foot reflexology, Thai chair massage and therapeutic massage at the Thai Massage School Chiang Mai. Since 2020 I have also graduated as a physiotherapist.
In addition to Thai-Yoga massages, I give relaxation, trigger point and sports massage.
My ambition is to make people feel that it is possible to integrate massages for a healthy lifestyle and well-being. My specialization is stress-related complaints and sports-related complaints. It can strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, make muscles more supple and calm the mind.
That is why I don't see massages as a luxury but as an active part of care and support for the body. Whether you are a top athlete, student, workaholic or a 'couch potato', a massage can improve your health.
I give all types of massage in a calm manner in mutual agreement, with each treatment being individually adjusted. The massage can be done on certain
acupressure points are intensive, which is called the "good pain" in Thailand. So you will determine how intensive the massage will be and what is "good pain" for you!
Besides German as my mother tongue, I also speak Dutch and English fluently.

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