I am Desirée, massage therapist and dietician. Since childhood, my interest has always been on the human body, especially from a holistic viewpoint. I use different techniques and regularly massage with my forearms. Every massage is different for me, because a massage is very personal. I listen and feel where attention to the body is most needed.

The balance between body and mind can be disturbed by various factors. Not enough rest or exercise, poor diet, but certainly also due to anxiety, stress and pressure. Your body and mind are interconnected and send out signals when something is wrong. Acute, but also chronic, stress even affects the cellular level, so that what we feel is a reflection of what we experience and how we deal with it.

A good massage can actually help to find (back) contact with the body. It brings you more in touch with yourself and can have a healing effect. All this ensures that you learn to relax better, which is good for experiencing more peace and vitality.

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