My name is Jeroen van der Weijden and I would like to help you feel better.

Because of my background as a social worker, I know that physical complaints rarely stand alone. We simply live a busy life. We relax too little or not regularly enough. Stress complaints, such as muscle tension, can then really not be avoided.

As modern people, we spend a lot of time in our heads. We think less and less about what our body feels and where we feel it in our body. You could say: we lose touch with ourselves and are robbing our own bodies, because of the way we live.

Through personal experiences I came into contact with haptonomy and massages. I discovered the power of listening to your body and reconnecting with yourself. Especially the combination of talking, experiencing and feeling has helped me enormously personally. That made me want to know more about this and to delve into it.

I have completed training as a relaxation masseur and have since specialized in a mainly body-oriented and experiential (experience-oriented) approach. From the question: 'how do you make contact with yourself, in relation to others?'.

I give relaxation massages, but because of my background in sports (strength training, fitness and martial arts) I also focus on the sport-specific complaints. In every treatment I focus on you and your question - as a starting point for relaxation, recovery and balance.

I see people as a whole and I combine my role as a masseur with my knowledge of psychology, philosophy, sociology, meaning and behavior, to create a comprehensive people-oriented approach.

Because to feel good, your mind, heart and body have to get along.

From that point of view, I also like to help you to create a nice balance in your life.

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