After years of top sport, in different branches of sport, I know better than anyone what muscles have to endure during and after physical exertion. It may take a while for the body to recover from this. It has been scientifically proven that massage helps to combat muscle pain and complaints and to promote healing. Massage is not only good after physical exertion, but can also have a preventive effect.

I have a training in physiotherapy, ALO (Academy of Physical Education), personal training and I am a qualified masseur. I would like to dedicate myself to make people feel better. Whether it concerns muscle pain, knots in the muscle or purely for relaxation.

By giving about 1500 massages per year, I have specialized in sports and trigger point massage. But of course you can also contact me for a nice relaxation massage.

After a short intake and a body check on the table, I will see what is best for your body. I often do a combination of different styles.

Of course you can always indicate whether it can be louder or softer.

Relaxation comes first. Take care of your body!