Hello I am Laura.

Massage actually came my way when I started to get more and more complaints. As a journalist I often sit at the computer and I did it in the wrong position for a long time. Of course I did not end up neatly upright in the evening, but slumped on the couch. With the necessary visits to the physiotherapist as a result.

Under the motto 'prevention is better than cure', I decided not to include extra physiotherapy treatments in my insurance package for a year, but to treat myself to a massage treatment every six weeks. After all, if you keep things loose and flexible, you are less likely to get stuck.

It turned out to work and it made me curious. Because for me, massage meant more than just physical maintenance. It also became a mental outing. Forget everything around you for an hour a month. Optimal relaxation of body and mind.

I became increasingly interested in the beneficial effects of massage and therefore decided to follow a massage training myself. I started with a relaxation massage course and then went deeper into the matter in the sports massage training. Not only to better understand my own body, but also to give others that hour of relaxation, or to provide the extra energy to be able to cope with it again.

What I became convinced of: the best massage does not exist. Every body works differently at every moment. One relaxes when firm, the other prefers it soft, or just wants a combination of the two. I like to deliver custom work, combine different techniques and the execution is never fixed.

We determine the goal together and I will get to work on that.

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