In the 20 years that I have been active with massage, I have followed a variety of courses over the years and gained extensive experience in all kinds of massage techniques. Including connective tissue massage, wellness massage, guasha techniques, Thai massage and head massage. Partly because I had a massage practice at home for several years, I have combined the best possible through the experience of all techniques and developed my own massage. It is a sensitive wellness massage in which I also relieve muscle tension and blockages more powerfully in an intuitive way. I also use my spirituality and holistic view as an approach in the massage.

During the week I work as a doctor's assistant in a fertility clinic. I am in contact with people of all orientations. Heterosexual people, gay people and people in transition. All people who are busy with a child or their future. With them I experience both euphoric happiness when the treatment is successful, as well as deep sadness if the treatment has not been successful after years. I believe that massage can contribute to the flow of energies within your body so that you will feel physically and physically stronger.

I am currently following an effective intuition course where I hope to feel even better which place in your body needs attention so that I can activate the positive flow within your body and therefore also your mind. I look forward to making a positive contribution to your flow!

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