Hi! I am Roos.

I came into contact with massage through my regular job in healthcare. I was given a 'Palliative care' course and this included a section on massage. Massaging terminal patients really affected me and I thought it was a wonderful experience. This was the reason for me to follow a training to wellness masseur so that in addition to my job in a rehabilitation hotel, I could work as a professional masseur. It is a good combination and I experience a good balance. This way I can enjoy what both worlds have to offer.

I am always amazed how much energy you can give through a massage, but also how much energy you get back. I am convinced that 'taking good care of yourself', in the form of relaxing on time and having your body taken care of by means of a massage is not a form of luxury, but a healthy part of nurturing and maintaining your body.

Take care of your body!

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