I want to achieve the best results with every massage. My goal is that the customer leaves the table smoothly and without pain. It often happens that the cause is not really where people are in pain, so I do an extensive investigation. I flawlessly know where to find the sore spots. To treat all bottlenecks, I use various techniques (for example connective tissue massage, trigger point massage or cupping). You can also contact me for a quiet, relaxing massage.

For years I worked in the travel world, but now I have turned my hobby and passion into my job. I have been giving massages since 2001, when I got my diploma as a sports masseur. After that I did several courses to develop my skills and to expand and improve techniques. I still regularly follow new or in-depth courses.

I have been a masseur at an athletics club and at a fitness center. Great fun to do and especially satisfying when athletes can continue training without pain. I have been working at Klein Massage since June 2017. I would like to introduce you to my massage technique, you are welcome for various massages.

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