About Klein Massage

Small massage has been a household name in Leiden and the surrounding area for years.

Every year we provide thousands of massages to people who suffer from physical complaints, stress, chronic headaches and other complaints. Our massage specialists offer a wide range of different disciplines, so that almost every complaint is a targeted solution.

An intake is normally held with every customer prior to the massage. This gives us a good picture of any physical complaints and/or wishes. We map this out during the intake and the massage is focused on that. The intake is completely free and will not be deducted from your massage time.

On the massage table there is always a short body check first so that the masseur has a good impression of your body and any tensions. Subsequently, the masseur will spend the most time on the parts of the body where there is the most tension. Often a combination of different styles and techniques is done to best serve you.

A massage ride card offers you many benefits at kleinmassage.nl

Due to the wide range of different types of massages, such as a hot stone massage, a relaxation massage, an Ayurvedic massage, it may be difficult for you to make a choice. We recommend that you choose a relaxation massage for the first treatment. You can always indicate yourself whether the pressure may be increased during the massage. The masseur will coordinate this with you during the treatment.

90% of our customers suffer from increased muscle tension or muscle related complaints. Massage will provide relief for many of these complaints. The complaints can often even disappear completely through massage.

You do not necessarily need to see a physiotherapist for many of these complaints. But if we find that the complaints have more to do with the skeleton than with muscles, we will refer you to a specialist. Klein Massage has several collaborations such as physiotherapists, manual therapists and chiropractic practices. We can also advise you very well for information about good personal training.

For specific physical complaints, we can draw up a treatment plan for you to determine the best time between massages. We recommend that you do not plan too much time between the first few massages, so that the effect is greater. If the complaints are less, you can take more time between treatments.

The frequency of maintenance and prevention treatments varies from person to person. You can determine together with your masseur what works best for you. In principle, we recommend that you schedule an appointment once a month for maintenance/prevention.

You can easily schedule an appointment online via the website at a time of your choice. You can also choose the masseur that suits you best.

If you like our treatments, it is advantageous to use a Rittenkaart, so that you receive a discount on your massages. With this Rittenkaart you can get up to 20% discount on the original price of almost any massage treatment. The Rittenkaart remains valid for a lifetime and can be used for any type of massage and is not personal.

For more information, please visit: Ride cards.