Terms and Conditions

If you make an appointment for a massage, we assume that you have read and agree to the conditions below.

1. We are preventive masseurs, but not massage therapists. The massages we give you are not intended to diagnose and / or treat 'medical conditions' (such as illness, acute or chronic complaints). In certain cases, we may decide not to give a massage and refer you to a homeopath / doctor / specialist.

2. The certificates that our masseurs have obtained are available for you as a customer to see.

3. We are not responsible for damage, theft or loss of personal belongings of the customer.

4. The customer is responsible for the information and the correctness of it that he / she provides us during the intake interview, so that we can perform the massage as responsibly and safely as possible.

5. You are kindly requested to switch off or silence mobile phones, pagers, etc. just before the start of the massage.

6. The massages we give have nothing to do with eroticism and / or sex. Customers who nevertheless make sexual comments or engage in sexual acts and / or behavior will be immediately removed from our massage practice. 

7. Appointments made can be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours prior to the appointment. Appointments canceled within 24 hours will be charged to you in full.

8. A gift voucher is valid for one year from date of issue. 

9. Refunds after purchasing a ride card are not possible. Under no circumstances. You can choose to let another person use your ride card.

10. Any information you provide to us before or during the massage will be treated confidentially and never provided to third parties. Based on our professional ethics as a caregiver, we adhere to a duty of confidentiality.

11. You can expect from us that hygiene is important, we expect the same from the customer.

12. When making an appointment, your email, address and telephone number are always requested for our administration.

13. For bookings made through our booking system, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

14. Mutual respect in a safe atmosphere for both you and our masseurs is a matter of course during a massage.

15. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you declare that you can never hold us liable for any consequences, side effects and / or after-effects that could possibly be the result of a massage that we give you.

16. Payment can be made in cash or by invoice.

17. Offers in advertisements are valid for the specified term and / or while stocks last.

18. A Trip Card can be used for a lifetime. In other words, this does not expire, unless the customer has not scheduled an appointment at one of our locations for 2 consecutive years. Then the card will expire.