Take care of your body!

Klein Massage has been providing professional massages for years. We offer you a wide range of 30 different massages given by 20 experienced and certified masseurs. Whether it's a relaxation massage to reduce your stress or a trigger point massage to tackle your knots, Klein Massage always has a massage that suits you.

We stand between the physiotherapist and the Wellness. We work in a complaint-oriented manner and look for the cause of the problem. Before the massage, we always take a short history (free of charge), this gives us an idea of any physical complaints. Before the massage starts, the masseur will do a body check where your body will be scanned. Parts of the body where there is more tension will receive extra attention. The masseur will also often perform a combination of different disciplines to achieve the best result.

We use the very best products. For example, we massage with the very best oil (PINO). This oil is of high quality and nutritious for your skin. We also work with electric tables so that we can treat you optimally. The headrests and pillows are equipped with the latest technology, so that you are comfortable even after 60 and 90 minutes.

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Why choose Klein Massage?

We live in hectic times. At Klein Massage we understand that you need your time for yourself. A moment to relax. Taking care of your body, so you can regenerate and re-energize. Without stress, with less muscle tension and without pain or discomfort.

At Klein massage we pay attention to you. When you visit us in Leiden, your masseur will look together with you to find the best massage for you. What do you need?

You can view our masseurs via the website. You choose the masseur that suits you best. It is important that you feel comfortable with your masseur so that you can really relax. It is easy to schedule an appointment online at the time that suits you best. Of course you can also reach us by phone.

When you enter us, it starts relaxing. We have designed our massage rooms in such a way that they have a nice, relaxed appearance. For example, at our location in Leiden, we have a separate waiting room where you can wash your hands, pour something to drink and grab your glass of water after the massage.

All of our therapists are certified, experienced and kind. They are there for you, to give you a great and relaxing experience. A massage will not only relax you physically it will also relax you mentally. At Klein Massage we make sure you can enjoy your massage in a relaxed atmosphere.